Middle East firms must focus on IT training and employing more women to stay competitive

Organisations in the Middle East face IT recruitment challenges unless they offer more training and employ more women

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Mingis on Tech: All about Android 8.0 ‘Oreo’

If you’re an Android user who’s eagerly been awaiting Android 8.0, a.k.a. “Oreo,” the good news is that Google’s updated mobile OS has been out since late August and will be gradually making its way in the coming months to a device near you.

Android 8 Oreo Google

If you have one of Google’s own smartphones like the Pixel, you may well already have Oreo – just like Computerworld blogger JR Raphael. And that means you’ve already had time to get used to its new features and tinker with it.

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You WILL pay a grand for the iPhone X

Is the iPhone X, with its starting price of $999 — with 256 GBs of RAM it will cost $1,149 — worth the money? Nope. Will you buy it anyway? Yep.

Not all of you. But enough of you. And you know who you are.

Now let me tell you why you’ll buy it.

Sure, it’s a nice phone. It has oodles of new features, such as an all-new 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display, a faster A11 Bionic processor, wireless charging capabilities, and an improved TrueDepth camera. None of those are the reasons.

And its one “newish” feature, Face ID facial recognition, creeps me out. I’m not the only one. As my colleague and friend Mike Elgan pointed out in a recent Computerworld column, “privacy invasion [using] face recognition is 100 times more dangerous than all other” kinds of biometric scanning.

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What Android’s notification snoozing needs next

I love to snooze.

I’m not just talking about my nightly beauty slumber, mind you (but yes, my skin is looking rather radiant today — thanks for noticing). I’m talking about the new notification snoozing feature in Google’s Android 8.0 Oreo release.

If you’ve been hanging ’round these parts for long, you know notification snoozing is something I’d yearned for ever since I started using Google’s Inbox app a couple years back. Snoozing is a core part of Inbox’s organizational system, y’see: Instead of letting emails pile up and turn into counterproductive clutter, you either deal with messages right away or snooze ’em so they’ll get out of your way and then return when they’re relevant — or when you’re likely to have the time and inclination to think about ’em.

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