IDG Contributor Network: FTC to crack down on bogus ‘tech support’ lines

In an extremely fortunate bit of timing, I visited my parents just as my father nearly fell for one of the worst scams floating around on the Internet. He had inadvertently clicked on a bogus link that popped up an equally bogus blue screen claiming his computer had been compromised and he needed to call a toll free “Microsoft” support line to get help.

Of course it wasn’t Microsoft and the pop up was fraudulent, but he didn’t know that. I practically screamed “hang up!” at him and explained why after he did.

These tech support scams have always been growing in frequency and severity, and the fact that they have an 800 number (or some derivative) not only gives them validity and makes people more willing to call, but also shows they are flying under the radar and using legitimate means against their victims.

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from Computerworld



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