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Programming is typing code, right? So type faster!

This bank’s IT group gets a new director, and to the delight of one pilot fish, it turns out he started his career as a programmer.

“I thought, ‘Great! Now he’ll understand where us programmers are coming from!'” says fish.

“On the day he was introduced as the new director at a team meeting, I said to him, ‘So I understand you were a programmer?’ He replied, ‘Yes, but I was mediocre at best as a programmer. That’s why I got into management!'”

OK, fish thinks, we’re screwed. And it doesn’t take long for his fears to be justified.

A few weeks after the director’s arrival, he approaches fish with a new project. “We need a quick win!” he says. “Let’s get this report into production in the next two or three days.”

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from Computerworld